There is a Kingdom Clash in Your Midst

Voices: Amman Beeftu, Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Linda Heidler, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: June 17, 2018

Chuck Pierce – For I say to you there is a kingdom clash that is occurring and you’re in the midst of this kingdom clash. You’re singing, you’re feeling, you’re actually called to embrace this clash, for I am causing kingdoms to realign, and without you there can not be a realignment. And I say to you the kingdom is within you, therefore you are vital in this realignment that is occurring. So I say don’t resist the clash, but allow the kingdom within you to rise up and realign the Earth around you.

Chuck Pierce – I say don’t shrink back, don’t shrink back, don’t shrink back, for backwards is calling you, and I say to you rise up, rise up, clash with me in those things around you.

Amman Beeftu – And hear the Lord saying that this is a head on collision, like this clash is a head on collision, and you would want to shrink back and go backwards, because you can see what you’re about to collide with, but the Lord says go straight forward into it in a head on collision. Don’t try to stray right or left. Head on collision.

LeAnn Squier – The Lord says that this issue is an issue of the reality of the kingdom. Over the reality of the kingdom come to Earth, and the Lord said there are people that have walked in the non-reality, because the clash has never come, but I say to you now is the hour of the clash that will demonstrate and reveal the reality of the kingdom.

Tobias Lyons – The lord says that I am writing fit for battle over your spirit. The lord says that I have put eternity in your heart and there’s a portion of eternity that only the warrior can see and know, because they fight for what is it. So the Lord says know that today I am writing fit for battle over you, and that I am allowing you to enter into a portion of eternity that has been locked inside of your heart if you choose to move into the next season of war that I am calling you into. So the lord says know that as you move in, step by step by step, you are moving into portions of eternity, because you are fit for battle. The Lord says I am restoring the heart of the warrior.

Linda Heidler – In this clash of kingdoms there are some that are in a literal fight between life and death, that there is a spirit of death that is trying to take you prematurely, and there is a spirit of life in Christ Jesus, and I hear the Lord saying despite what diagnosis you’ve received, despite what physical conditions you may be experiencing, hear My word over you, the spirit of life in Christ Jesus will give life to your mortal bodies.

Enter into that dimension of My kingdom, enter into the dimension of the power of My word that is stronger than any force of death, hell, or the grave, grab it, war with it, let the kingdoms clash and sing your song of victory. His spirit gives me life!

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