Kingdom Faith is Speaking

Voices: Marty Cassady, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: March 16, 2020

– [Susan Shaulis] – Ever since the beginning, I’ve heard the instruments prophesying faith into us. I heard all the cloud of witness stand and speaking faith into us from all the ages of past to present. Then I was mindful of Hebrews 11 at the end that said, “He gives an account of everything they went through, “pestilence and persecution and diseases,” all of those things and then it says, “These were the true heroes commended for their faith, “yet they lived in hope without receiving the fullness “of what was promised them, “but now God has invited us to live in something better “than what they had, faith’s fullness. “This is so that they could be brought to finish perfection “alongside of us.” That’s what I heard as I was in the heavens, I heard them cheering us on, so filled with faith, speaking dimensions of what they carry and imparted it into us through the prophetic of the instruments as we received it into our spirit. There is a fullness of faith that we are moving in. There is a fullness of faith that no demon in hell, no principality, no power, no sickness, disease can stop what the living God has ordered and ordained for such a time as this.

[Marty Cassady] – I’m gonna tag team on that. I was driving into work this morning and just going over some things with the Lord and here’s what He said, He said, “I’m taking you to a new level of kingdom faith, “of faith that will exhibit a power and an authority “of the kingdom of God.” He said, “I’m taking you up and in to a place “you’ve not been before.” He said we’ve had faith, but He said that there is a kingdom force of faith that He’s about to loose over the earth. Lord, we just say we receive that. We receive that. We come in agreement with Your word that there’s gonna be power and authority like we’ve never seen before because You are releasing faith that is of the kingdom.

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