Learn From the Gifts in My Restorative Tabernacle

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 24, 2022

Chuck Pierce – And I say, I have languages inside you that have never been expressed. I say, give Me liberty to call out what I knit in you. Instead of you trying to display the garment that you wish to wear. I say, I will take over this year and you must learn to express Me. I say, learn from the island people. Learn how they are free in their movement. I say, learn from those that endured slavery. So you know how to resist slavery sayeth the Lord I say, learn, for I am putting you in an accelerated school, beginning now, sayeth the Lord. For when My dancing hand begins to move over you, you must learn to move with it. So I say, learn from the dancers that I have put in My restorative tabernacle to rise up. I say, learn from their movement, so you might move with Me. When My dancing hand comes across My people For I stand at the door and knock and it will be you that must open the door, for I will give opportunity to My people to become Me this year. I say, ready yourself, hear the knock and watch Me if you invite Me in, because things will be rearranged. Things will be changed and concerning the nations, they are Mine and you watch Me rearrange them. After you allow Me to rearrange you.

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