Learn the Sounds of My Treasury and the Threshing Floor

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: November 2, 2020

Lisa Lyons – I’ve been hearing the Lord, say something all morning and it was so strong during the giving time. He says there is a new testimony coming to my treasury. The Lord says there’s a new sound and a new sound coming to my treasury. The sound of giving is not gonna be what it was in the past. God says, “I’m opening new pipelines. Old pipelines have become corroded, but I am opening new pipelines throughout the earth. And as you’re giving moves through that, you’re gonna hear a new sound of giving and sing a new song as you do.”

Chuck Pierce – That’s a word from the Lord for us. I’ll tell you why, the Lord said this to me yesterday, “you will learn the sound of the threshing floor. You will learn the sound of the threshing floor. I am sending sounds of the threshing floor to my people. That includes sounds of separation and sounds of winds that I’m sending in. I said, ‘you must learn the sounds of the threshing floor, or else you will never harvest your future.'”

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