Let Go of Familiarity and Embrace the Adventure

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: August 14, 2022

LeAnn Squier – I’m just feeling and hearing and seeing something very definite, and it is that as we are coming up, we’re ascending into a new chapter and into a new season dimension. And as we are, people are not, the familiar is staying down on the lower level. We are leaving behind the familiar. We need to look out of our eyes differently and not look at someone and go, I know who they are. No, we don’t know who they are, not really. We are being, there are new expressions and really, it’s almost like we’re taking off this coat of flesh and we’re becoming really who we really are.

So as we’re coming up into this dimension and place, let go of preconceived ideas of the former season. Let go of what you think someone is capable of doing. Let go of what you think you’re capable of doing. It’s like there’s a whole new level of true identity that is being revealed as we step up, as the Lord has invited us up and as we are stepping up in this season, it’s a whole new level of identity and people that you’ve known, they’re not going to look the same nor be the same nor act the same. Don’t hold them in a past season with judgements from the past season or even understandings and knowings from the past season, where you did know them. Let go of familiarity this hour and the Lord’s gonna put us on a new adventure.

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