Let Me Shake Out Your Sound

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Shatece McLeod
Date Given: May 16, 2021

Shatece McLeod – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, there’s a sound in your inheritance and there’s a look in your inheritance. And I say, I’m gonna shake you until you say I want my portion. I say, quit settling for someone else’s sound. Quit wanting someone else’s sound. I say, let me shake loose your sound. And then your portion will pour out.

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord says, quit calling what I put inside of you crazy and abnormal, for it is from Me, says the Lord. People may not understand but I knew exactly what I was doing when I put you in the culture. And I put you in that bloodline and I put you in that family. So you need to agree with Me and quit calling my creation crazy and abnormal, says the Lord. You need to agree with the crazy. You need to agree with what people call abnormal because I have put it inside of you. You let it out of the cage today. In Jesus name!

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