Line Up and Reboot With the Sound of Heaven

Voices: Keith Pierce, Maggie Wallace
Date Given: July 23, 2023

– Maggie Wallace – As I was walking down the hall, I couldn’t help but my feet to line up with that rhythm and I couldn’t help it. It was just like my feet just began to line up with that rhythm. And I the word of the Lord say, “If you’ll line up with the rhythm of heaven, everybody around will line up with rhythm of heaven. Line up with the sound of heaven. And everybody around you, every government, every household will have to line up with the sound of heaven if you’ll just let it ring out from your feet and ring out from your voice and ring out from your heart. Let it ring out from everything that you are.”

Keith Pierce – And the Lord will say, “I have come to reboot your clock.” The Lord said, “My children have got out of my timing and my placement, but I have come to reboot and reset your clock. This will be a time that you will see, hear, and understand my timing, my placement that I may increase you, prosper you, and release over you as you get reproduced and rebooted this very moment in my holy name.” Now put your hand on your chest. Now I’m going to ask Holy Spirit to reboot all of of us.

Chuck Pierce – Reboot!

Keith Pierce – It is come time that we get rebooted. We need to get in His step, His timing, and His placement. So Holy Spirit, move up and down each and every aisle, touching us, getting us rebooted for kingdom in Jesus’ name.

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