Listen as I Speak and Activate a New Covenant People

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Marty Cassady
Date Given: June 21, 2020

Keevy Phillips – The Lord is saying even now, “This is about what you believe. “This is not about the enemy. “It’s about what you believe, “and what I say, are you going to agree with “or are you not going to agree with?” The Lord is saying, “Check yourself “lest you be in the faith. “Check yourself today. “Make sure your heart is right today “because it is about what I say and what you believe,” says the Lord. “So are you gonna sit there and you’re gonna keep listening “to Fox News? “Are you gonna keep listening to CNN? “Or are you gonna listen to me?” says the Lord. “I am God, and I am speaking. “Will you listen to Me? “Listen to Me, O Israel, “for the Lord our God is one. “Listen, listen, listen.”

Anne Tate – Because it’s been 400 years since I’ve been able “to speak to you like this. “It was 400 years ago that you started. “You entered into a path of enslaving others, “including the Native Americans and the blacks. “But it’s been 400 years before I could address it. “I have created this chaos, “and because I am causing changes to come “that you’ve prayed for. “You didn’t expect it like this, “but it was 400 years before I could speak the truth “and you would hear me.”

Chuck Pierce – “And I say you I knit together within you “the gift I need. “I put you in time today. “I called you to this first fruit. “As you participate, you get activated. “I say I am activating a people that will be “newly aligned in covenant. “Don’t control your mission, “for I have missions of surprise attack “that I will use you for.”

Marty Cassady – And the Lord says, “Pentecost has come and gone. “And many of you moved into discouragement “because you thought it was going to be more “than it actually was in your mind.” But the Lord says, “The storm is within you, “and when it’s time for you to walk “through the chaos, you will. “You will walk through that chaos “with Holy Spirit rising up in you “because He put something in you at this Pentecost “that has never come into the earth realm from heaven.” He says, “You will walk through great chaos, “and you will point your finger, “and you will speak a word of the Lord, “and you will see, you will see what you decree.” He says, “I am loosing, loosing, loosing, loosing “the angelic to walk with you to help you “and to accomplish My purpose.”

Chuck Pierce – Now open your mouth, raise up your hands. Let the Lord fill it with decrees for this time.

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