Look for the Weight of My Glory Let Your Miracles Begin

Voices: Acijam Otxoa, Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 25, 2018

– ♪ Part of me ♪

[Brian Kooiman] – For I have brought you to a day of redemption. There are things that you have waited on that even have been weights on a scale and the Lord says, I am taking things from the past and I am moving them to the present. Things that you could not get into balance. Things that you could into order. The Lord says, I am bringing my weight in this day. I am bringing the weight of my glory and it will descend, it will fall, it will begin to wrap around and redeem those things that you said Lord, will it ever come into alignment, will it ever come into balance? The Lord says, look for the weight of my glory for it is coming down on my people today.

[Chuck Pierce] – And I say in the midst of your hesitation. In the midst of your waiting you have been bruised and you have felt beaten, but I say to you, I can heal you with a touch. I can cause all of that bruising you have been through to be healed in a moment. I say to you, the delay now is over the hesitation is over and now let your miracles begin.

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