Love Is the Bond of Perfection

Voices: Tiffany Smith
Date Given: November 7, 2021

Tiffany Smith – I just have to share a dream that I had once ’cause I can’t shake it. I got to share it. And in this dream, Aaron and I were sitting at church and we were sitting back by the sound booth, actually. And I had this pile of things next to me. Like, I had my kids’ piggy banks, I had baskets of laundry next to me, a had our computers, our laptops, all of this stuff sitting in a pile next to me and it was heavy to carry. And I just felt like I’ve got to carry this load everywhere that I go. And in the dream, these two guys started picking through all of my stuff and stealing all this stuff. And I remember looking at Aaron, I looked at the people around me and I was like, “Don’t y’all see what’s going on? Like, help! Do something. This guy’s trying to steal all this stuff that I’m carrying and everything that I have is so important.” And I was getting extremely frustrated by the people around me not stepping in to help because somebody kept stealing and getting into all of my stuff that I felt like I was responsible for, that I felt like I had to carry. Like, it was on me to keep all of this stuff straight. And the scene changed. In this scene, we were at this huge party and there were tables everywhere filled with food and drinks that everybody was having so much fun. And Chuck walked up to me and gave me this huge hug, like one that I received from my own dad, just this huge bear hug.

And then I woke up from the dream and my emotions stayed stuck in being so frustrated with the chaos, and people trying to go through my things, but I couldn’t shake the dream. I knew there was something more that the Lord wanted to share with me, but my emotions were so stuck in chaos. I couldn’t hear. So I went to LeAnn and with this dream, and I just said like, “Can you help? Like, is the Lord showing you anything?” And weeks went by and she didn’t say anything. And one time, I think it was right after worship, she just looked at me and she said, “The Lord, He has a question for you. Like, why are you carrying around all this stuff? Why are you carrying on, why are you holding onto this stuff? What the Lord gives you, He’ll maintain. And the Lord wants you to step into a new place of grace.”

And so I began this journey, I didn’t know, this was years ago that I had it. And I began this journey with the Lord of learning grace, like, letting it flow for me. I was up against a lot just in my own life. Our family was working out a lot. And I just began to understand the grace of God in the middle of chaos, the grace of God in the middle of things that weren’t right, in the middle of such upheaval that our family was going through. And I began to get into a rhythm of grace with the Lord and where the things that I would come up against, I would say, “I’ve got grace for this. I have grace for you. I’ve got grace for me. Like, the Lord has grace for the situation.” And if I hadn’t made that shift, I could have created a lot more messes in the middle of some things that needed to get worked out. We had to work out things with the Lord, but it took my cooperation, not of controlling the situation around me. Not control. That’s not my job. My job is to love and give grace. God can keep what He gives him.

So I just see an invitation being given from the Lord today, saying, “I have a path of grace for you. You can experience grace in the middle of a mess.” He’s king over it all. He’s king over it all. So Lord, we just open up our hearts to grace. We thank you for great grace. We thank you for great grace that’s going to begin to guide us out of places of condemnation, out of places of judgment. That’s not even ours to make. It’s not our call to make. We are called to love. And God, we thank You that love is the bond of perfection and that You are working things out. And Lord, we commit to partner with You as You begin to work things out.

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