Mantled With a New Walk

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 2, 2023

Chad Foxworth – I hear the Lord saying it’s very important for us at this point in time we’re in right now, going into Passover. The words that have gone forth from November up until now, we need to remember those words. I was watching Chenia as she walked up on stage here. The way she walked was totally different than I’ve ever seen her walk. Meaning that after this Passover, God is saying that your walk will be totally different. It won’t be the same. Matter of fact, it’s going to be so different, that your walk will manifest physically. People will see you walk in a new way and they won’t recognize you. They will be able to point you out in the darkness. Because it’s gonna get so dark, you’re gonna get brighter! So, receive the new walk this hour, and this Passover, receive your new walk in Jesus’ name.

Chuck Pierce – Now, keep this thing on the screen here. You need to say, “That’s what my new mantle looks like.” Point your hand at it, and say, “That’s mine.” I’m gonna wear it differently. I’m gonna walk in it differently, and I’m gonna look differently as I cross over, ’cause that which the Egyptians took from me, I’m getting it back, and I am wearing my new mantle!

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