Mark Your Land for Worship

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 11, 2021

Chuck Pierce – I could hear the Lord saying this sacrifices are being formed in the land. I say, I am causing My people to reorder their worship. I am causing My people like I called Abraham, to come up to a place and worship Me, to sacrifice their desire, to sacrifice that, which they see as future. And if they will do that, I will come down and reveal how I will produce and cause them to see what they need to see this hour. I say worship must arise from land to land to land. Worship must arise in what is called the America. I say Turtle Island must express worship all the way from Hawaii in to Maine. I say from Alaska into the Keys. So I say, mark this land now for worship. Mark your land for worship and if you will mark your land for worship, I will shoot and cause My arrows to re target the lands. So they are realigned this hour. I can realign governments based upon your worship, saith the Lord.

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