May Will Be a Month of Washing Away

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: April 30, 2023

Chuck Pierce – This morning in my quiet time, the Lord said this to me He said, “Tell My people not to get frustrated during May for I’m going to be washing away what has seemed to soil their garments. And I say to you no condemnation for that which you allowed mistakes in the past, for this will be a month of washing away ahead.” And I say, then I’m going to change It was a scripture in Proverbs that caused this to come alive in me. I am going to change your desire for the lovers of your past.” And the Lord says, The things you were drawn to in one season and the things that motivated you in another season will start to change in the month ahead. And you will find yourself saying, I don’t know what happened to me, but my desires have been purified.'”

LeAnn Squier – Not only will He purify, but He will rectify your desires. And some of you have thought you were supposed to be going after certain things. And I see the Lord just readjusting your focus into a different field. It’s like He’s gonna give you a different field that you did not fully expect. And so He’s gonna rectify and square that up in some way that really fits with who you are, it really fits with what’s in your heart. So as He is purifying our desires and changing them, it’s like they’re going to become really spot on, really rooted in who we are in Him.

Chuck Pierce – Now, look how God confirms what He’s saying to us. Mary Ellen brought this up to me and said, when she got up this morning, the Lord said, “Do not get frustrated in days ahead over what you have been plowing through and do not throw in the towel.” And she brought me a towel that says, “For with God, nothing shall be impossible!” Shout it, shout it out! You’re gonna make it! You’re gonna make it through! The Lord says, “Wipe the sweat off from the last season! You are making it through and into the next place!”

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