Mineral Rights Are Coming Alive

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: November 12, 2023

Keith Pierce – Yesterday I was in Oklahoma and the Lord spoke to me very, very clearly that Oklahoma city, He kept saying Oklahoma City to me, Oklahoma City to me and He said, “There’s hidden wealth in Oklahoma City.” And I have come, I have come to uncap the wells of yesterday, to release the wealth of tomorrow. And the Lord said, “There are treasures under the ancient hills “that you will start seeing being discovered, rediscovered, “and brought forth in Oklahoma City.”

Chuck Pierce – Now, I want to pray for everybody that’s watching and all of us here. I say, mineral rights are coming alive. Eleanor, come stand up here. We say the minerals of the land are ready to produce again. We say that, turn around, let people see it, we decree that everything that’s been robbed, stolen or controlled, the spirit of God is coming in to break it off.

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