My Dancers Are Tending the Fire

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: June 28, 2020

Anne Tate – The Lord says, “This is a season where My dancers are tending the fire, and the fire is raging, and they are bringing the wood, they are laying down what they have to lay down, so that the fire begins to rage.” Fire, on!

Chuck Pierce – “Be like Abraham. Come up to the mountain. Build Me that worship altar! And as you build it, lay down everything that is most precious and watch Me bring new provision in to My people. I say, new provision is coming!” Chuck Pierce – God says, “I’ve got you in this preparation time. And know, I will not leave My people desolate. I will not leave My people desolate. I’m amassing them as a troop, and I will bring them into places together that will cause the Jerichos of the lands to fall.”

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