My Glory Will Sweep Through and Out of Houston

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler, Tiffany Smith, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: May 16, 2021

Chuck Pierce – God says, I am going to send this group back not to do something, but to allow Me to invade them in a new way, and I’m going to invade them and go from Houston through Mexico, through South America, I’m going to go from Houston to Louisiana, I’m even going to go from Houston and Galveston and Beaumont into Lake Charles and New Orleans. And I say, I’m going to go from Houston all the way into San Antonio. But the Lord says you watch over these next six months that religious church spirit that has tried to stop My movement, you watch Me turn it upside down. I say back out of the way, back out of the way and let me deal with you so that My glory fire can sweep across the whole region.

Tiffany Smith – I saw a picture of, for all of you you were opening the front door to your house. And as soon as you open your mouth I saw fire shoot out of your mouth. And I heard the Lord say be bold, be bold I said, I hear Him saying do not give in to the resistance that you have experienced. He said, don’t even pay attention to it, your strategy comes from Me. And I see you guys diving into the secret place with the Lord to gain strategies to begin to overcome what has been ruling and resisting the spirit of God in that area. And when you have the word, when God gives you the word of fire, you boldly open the door to your house and you open your mouth. And I see that it’s going to be like a call like a clarion call, that people are going to begin to wake up in the middle of the night. And they’re like, what is that? What did I hear? People in supermarkets I see it, it just in the streets, children in the park that they are going to hear a sound in the atmosphere over them and it is going to be the Spirit of God. And so the Lord says stop partnering with what is resisting Me, stop paying attention to it, pay attention to My voice.

Linda Heidler – When Shatece gave her tongue earlier I had such a strong word that came up in me and the Lord said, I am ready for the dam to break. He said, it’s one thing for the rain to fall and the river to rise, it is a whole other thing for the dam to break. He said, there will be a power release just exactly what Chuck said. It is a power of Holy Spirit that is going to demolish religious structures. The Lord says receive the rain, receive the river don’t try to stop my dam. When it’s ready to break there is no other way some of this stuff is going to fall. Except that that dam breaks and the River of the God, the lake, that pent up power of My Spirit is released. He said it you’ll see destructive things happening and you’ll see some things getting torn down. He said, unless they are torn down I cannot build anything new. You can’t build, you can’t repair what needs to get torn down. The Lord said, let the dam break and in some of you, that dam is in you. He’s saying that you have dammed up my river, you have dammed up the flow of Holy Spirit. He’s saying to you, I am ready for the dam to break when you since that unction rising in you, don’t hold back. Let it go, let it go let it go and watch what I will do what you have called out for Me to do. Watch as I accomplish what I’ve said.

Tobias Lyons – The Lord says that I am sending you back with an anointing to break the oppression of a generation that carries the latch key. The Lord says that there is a freedom coming to a generation that has carried a weight of yoke around their necks. So when you go back, you declare that you are moving in an anointing of freedom. Each generation that you come across, the Lord says you bind the spirit of the latch key kid in those generations. So the Lord says that He is sending you forth with power in your fingertips. You use your finger to point to the yoke around their neck and you say unlatch, unlatch, unlatch. The Lord says He is forming a new key of freedom for you to release.

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