My Hand Is Extended to You

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: June 5, 2022

Linda Heidler – if I make my bed in hell, You’re there. And it’s one thing, if, if you end up in a bad situation and you really didn’t intend it. You know, you just made some bad choices along the way and you find yourself making your bed in hell. And He wants you to know, I’ll find you there. In the book of Amos, it says, “If I dig my way into hell with my own hands…” Now that’s not just finding yourself. That’s not just making a few bad decisions That is aggressively pursuing…

Chuck Pierce – Pursuing hell.

Linda Heidler – The road to hell. He says, “I can find you there.” Hell is not an obstacle to God. Now I feel like today, there are some of you and you have been diggin your way to hell as fast as you can. And He’s saying to you today, “This is a day you can choose. This is a day I have pursued you. I have come after you. I can find you where you are.” Now, the choice is yours. He is not gonna violate your will. He is not gonna snatch you back. But He is gonna offer a hand and say, “If you will turn ,if you will just grab hold of My hand, I will pull you out. I can get you out of this mess. I can get you out of this hell that you have made. You have created it. I’m not coming to you with any reproach. I’m not coming to you with accusation or condemnation. I am coming to you cuz I love you enough to pursue you to hell if that’s what I have to do.” So today His hand is open to you. He is saying, “This is the day. This is the day I can make a doorway out of this hell that you’ve created. If you will turn and take My hand today, I will pull you out.”

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