My Shout Will Capstone the Silence

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: February 14, 2021

– Leann Squier

I just really feel like the enemy the dialogue in the second heaven is that no matter what you do, it’s insignificant somehow. Like that is the thing. It’s like the Herod spirit that comes to just crush out, murder out, kill out. And some of the ways that that happens is like through a critical spirit coming against you and saying what you’re doing is no big impact. And I’m telling you, what I’m seeing is like these little flames starting to burn everywhere. And the thing is, you have to be faithful in that kindling of the altar, you know, Chuck’s new book and Alemu Beeftu’s new book. It’s like you have to be faithful in continuing to tend the smallest of flames. And if God tells you to do something that seems small, the Bible says that this one will become a thousand, and this little one would become a mighty nation. And so Lord, I just say right now I’m just seeing as you’re faithful to light that altar and then to do that thing that seemed so small, I’m telling you the spirit of God is gonna begin to visit all of us in whole new ways. And I’m telling you, the wind is going to come and carry and push for the flame. And I saw this nation completely aflame, completely aflame. So don’t miss this time. COVID was, you know, it actually a great opportunity for all of us to reset ourselves and to go deep, dig deep find out who we really are what we really care about and all of that shut down. But the Lord said, he holds, he’s silent for a moment, but then he comes out shouting. And I’m telling you that year of silence, I’m telling you is gonna be capstone by a year of shouting, and releasing and declaring, and worshiping in streets, and worshiping in homes, and worshiping everywhere. And I’m telling you, there is a great flame turning into a great burning in this nation, and it’s a God kind of fire. So Lord, we thank you. And we just continue to fan the flame. We resist the voice that says we’re insignificant. We resist the voice that says you cannot do that. We resist the voice of criticism. We resist the voice of judgment. We say, Lord, God, this little bitty thing I will lay it at your feet and I will give it to you as an offering. I will do that little thing and I will keep that flame. And then I’m going to let you come in like a mighty rushing wind.

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