My Spirit Is Awakening You in the Midnight Hour

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: April 30, 2020

Lisa Lyons – It was at midnight that Ruth was lying at Boaz’s feet, and he stirred, and I hear the Lord saying that Boaz is rousing. Boaz is rousing in this season, and there is a strategy of redemption that’s coming forth. There are seeds that have lain dormant that Boaz has been carrying, and the Lord says now is the season that they are rousing and coming forth. God says look for the strategy of redemption. It’s coming in the midnight hour.

Chuck Pierce – And what Ruth did was she went and uncovered Boaz’s feet, and all of a sudden he was awakened. I say right now, God has ways to awaken us. He has ways to cause us to feel His movement. Lord, I loose it right now, wherever you are. This isn’t a normal time we get up and we start praising. God says praise your way through this darkness.

Janice Swinney – See, when Israel was singing, my spirit began to rise up, and I was like holding it in. It felt like my spirit was going to leave my body. I said, “Lord, what are You doing?” He said, “I want you to listen to your spiritual native tongue. “This is the language that you speak.”

Chuck Pierce – When they started singing in that, all of a sudden the Lord said, “I can awaken things in you “that you didn’t even know could speak, “because I made covenant in Hebrew, “and because you have leaned into My Spirit, “My Spirit will awaken an understanding like never before.” Lord, we decree tonight an understanding in many arenas are coming to us. Things we couldn’t understand are happening right now.

Anne Tate – The Lord wants us to press out what Chuck said and what the Lord is saying about this year about new boundaries, and we’ve been looking at how this coronavirus is going into animals, and it’s not right. It’s a boundary issue. And we have grieved the Lord’s boundaries. So Lord, right now we say that we are going to walk in Your boundaries. We’re going to hold a plumb line in the boundaries that You’ve given us, and we’re going to break through in a new way.

Chuck Pierce – Father, we say right now You’re setting us in a divine time. You are putting a divine timing upon Your people. Lord, we loose this in us right now. Now, Father, awaken us. Continue to awaken. Awaken. Press us through this night spirit that’s tried to come on us. We tell the night hag, you’re letting go. You are not going to be able to control us. You’re not going to be able to move and stop the move of God. We say right now, let go in Jesus’ Name. Yeshua commands you, you must let go, and the fear you’re bringing must let go. I hear the Lord saying, “Send My people out to decree “that death is coming off of My body.” We have agreed so much with death throughout the world, and especially in this nation, with death over the body of Christ. We say death, in the Name of Jesus, you let go of God’s living body and all of its gifts in Yeshua’s Name.

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