My Spittle Will Unmask the Mask

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: April 25, 2021

Keith Pierce

– I see very very clearly,  a mass that is hidden away, that has frightened you but yet today is a day that  Jesus is fixing to reach down and touch that one spot.  Now, I want you to lift your hand if that’s you and if you’re joining us on the web, I want you to stand and lift your hand because here’s the thing, and I want you all to see something. For the last year, COVID has frightened all of us to put on masks and be afraid of spit. But yet, Jesus spit in the eye and he saw. Jesus spit in the ear and he was healed. And the Lord spoke to me very very clearly just a moment ago. My spittle will unmask the masked. And my spittle will heal the blind eye, it will heal the deaf ear.  It will heal the cancer behind the breast. It will heal the cancer in the uterus. It will heal the cancer in the colon. It will heal the bad valve in the heart. And listen to me, I stood right there and I heard the enemy whisper and this is what he said. He said, I have silenced the spittle of Jesus and I said not today. Now if that’s you, I want you to lift your hand cause God is fixing to heal you.

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