Negotiate With Me Now

Voices: Allen Faubion, Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler, Marty Cassady, Stella Timmons
Date Given: September 27, 2020

Chuck Pierce – The Lord is saying to His people, Negotiate with Me now. Negotiate with Me now. Negotiate with Me now. Say it out loud until you get it. Negotiate with Me now. Abraham had such a relationship with Him that he could negotiate over cities. He could negotiate over nations. The Lord said, Yeah if I find 50 in Sodom and Gomorrah I’ll save the city. Abraham began to negotiate, 40, 30, 10, and he stopped his negotiation. The Lord says, Negotiate with Me now for I am ready to bring change.

Stella Timmons – When Chuck talked about the negotiation, I heard the Lord say, Negotiate down to one. Down to one. I will hear the one. There’s more rejoicing in the one. The Lord said, Don’t look for multitudes, don’t look for crowds, don’t look for a group of people, but look to the One. Because I will hear you in the One. And when everyone reaches the One we will have the multitudes, says the Lord.

Marty Cassady – And I hear the Lord say this about that word. Negotiation is not prayer, it is not the same. It’s a mutual discussion and an agreement. And the Lord says, I am bringing you into a new place of agreeing with what I have in heaven over this nation. He says, I am loosing heaven into the earth realm. And if you will negotiate, if you will negotiate, He says I will begin to move. And He says, those halls and those corridors are filled with demonic forces. And they have formed a network in every city of this nation. But He says, this day I am loosing, I am loosing an angelic host to do battle over those forces that have set themselves up against the plans that I have for this nation. And He says, if you reach up, if you reach up I will loose a breaker, I will loose the breaker, I will loose the breaker, the breaker over you and you will negotiate this week.

Chuck Pierce – Here’s another way of looking at it, get down to the bottom line. Get down to the bottom line. The Lord says some of you are not getting to the bottom line. You’re still operating out of your wishes rather than reality. I say get to the bottom line of the issue and watch Me change situation after situation after situation. Get to the bottom line. That is a conversation with Me where you and I discuss reality.

Linda Heidler – Biblically any time someone negotiated with God in the Bible, whenever anybody negotiated with God, it was always an appeal to Him to be faithful to His name. It was always an appeal to Him to be faithful to His character. Over and over in the wilderness when God said to Moses, I’ve had it with these people, I’m gonna wipe them out, I’m starting over with you. Moses would say, then what are Your enemies gonna say about You. They’re gonna say You couldn’t deliver them, they’re gonna say You couldn’t keep Your promises. He didn’t say, Oh God please save them. He said, God for the honor of Your name, for the honor of Your reputation, for the honor of Your word, fulfill what You’ve said to do for these people.

So Lord as we’ve come to negotiate with You on behalf of our nation. We hold up Your promises. We hold up Your prophetic word. We hold up the things that You’ve said, Your purposes for this land and for these people. God we call out to You, fulfill what You have said based on Your nature, Your character, Your word, Your promises. Demonstrate that You are the God who is able to fulfill what He said He’s gonna do. Lord we negotiate with You on the basis of Your strength. Not because we have anything to offer, but because of Your word and Your promise, and You said, if we will believe You, if we will humble ourselves, You will do what You’ve said to do. Now Lord that’s how we come to negotiate with You, because You are a faithful God, You are a true God, and You are a God who keeps Your word and keeps Your promises. God we call on You to be who You are.

Allen Faubion – This is a time to negotiate not as a servant but as a son.

Chuck Pierce – Absolutely

Allen Faubion – A servant seeks, longs for what he doesn’t have, for what he needs, and can’t get. Whereas a son negotiates on the basis of what he already possesses what he has to give and what others need. He says this a a time to negotiate as a son and stop negotiating as a servant.

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