New Faith for a New Identity

Voices: Deborah DeGar, Marty Cassady-Ulmer, Venner Alston
Date Given: September 24, 2022

Deborah DeGar – I was reminded of a dream that I had this past week, even as we’ve been talking about coming into this new identity, coming into this new place with the Lord, coming into the fullness of the one new man. And in the dream, and listen to me in the Spirit, so no one will be offended. But in the dream, Chuck, when I woke up, I was white. Very clearly, I’m an African American. I’m a black woman and I love it. Have always loved it. But when I woke up, I was a white woman and I was afraid to move forth because in this new identity that I had taken on, I didn’t know how to navigate. I know how to be black. I know how to do my bling. I know how to be who I am. But I didn’t know how the dynamics would change, the circumstances would change. And even in some instances the open doors would change. And there would be something that would come into my life that was totally new, totally fresh. But I had to decide that because of the Spirit of God that is on the inside of me, that regardless to my skin tone, I was still able to walk in the fullness of the anointing of God that was on the inside of me.

And the Lord began to speak to me and He said, “Our identity is not in our skin. Our identity is in our spirit.” And so I hear the Lord saying “There will be such drastic change that will begin to come over some of you that you will desire to resist it because it will be so new you will not know how to walk in it.” But I hear in the Spirit of the Lord saying If you will rise up in the Ruach, if you would rise up in your spirit and if you would begin to allow Him to show you the open doors and the portals that He will open and even the anointing that will begin to gravitate and draw others to you. So I hear the Lord saying, “Get ready for drastic change.” Drastic change. It’s not gonna be a little daba do you but it’s gonna be something so overwhelming that you’re gonna have to walk in the faith of God to get the fullness out of it.

Marty Cassady-Ulmer – What Deborah shared with you is so incredible. I was sitting back there, I wanna explain what she said. That frequency within each one of us was breathed even when God created. He created the nations. He created every tongue, every tribe, every color, and each of us in the very depths of our being. If we’re in the Lord Jesus we have a cellular structure that has never been activated, never been activated in the fullness of the covenant of God because we each share, we share the nations. The nations were His creation. Why would He separate? Why would He do that? And when she says she woke up white, why not? Because she has that kind of frequency in her very DNA. If she’s in the Lord. And we need to reach out and receive that and receive the fullness of what the Lord is doing in this moment. Do not go from here. Do not go from here with one dimension, with a one dimension mindset, but know that God has created you to be supernaturally natural.

Venner Alston – And some of you have asked a new frequency of diversity. How will I do this? I’ve learned this and I’ve learned this. But the Lord said, “This is a season that you’re gonna unlearn some things and you’re gonna step into the supernatural.” And He said that “when you lose your way, look at your children. For your children come to the earth with a purity and an acceptance” and did not say “except you come as a little child.” He said, “From that place of innocence that I’m re-birthing on the inside of you you will know how to move across the aisle. You will know how to move in diversity and you will know how to see the nations as I see the nations.” You will look and you will see the amazing in nations and you will celebrate and you will honor that amazing place. But it is not something that you will be able to do in the strength of yourself. For there is a culture, there are cultures that say you should not. He said, “But My culture, My kingdom trumps every culture and every kingdom.” So arise now says the Lord, and put on supernatural vision and put on supernatural hearing, and step into the new that I’m giving to you right now. I just want you to take a step. Come on, just take a step. This is our prophetic act. We are moving into the new, I decree over you that you will never be the same. You will never see the nations the same. That you will look and you will see with supernatural eyes. You will see it the way God sees it. The old door is closed and only the new door remains in Jesus name.

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