New Trade Routes are Forming

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 22, 2020

Anne Tate – I just saw secret gates and alternative routes beginning to spring open in this season, not routes that we’ve gone before, but it’s coming out of a new faith element that we’ve built in this five weeks where we’ve been. It will continue to build until Pentecost, over these 40 days that we’re working with and Lord we say you’re gonna show us secret routes and hidden gates.

Chuck Pierce – And father we also say new trade routes are forming, new trade routes are forming. Father we loose it right now. We say we will not be bound by last seasons economy. New trade routes, new alignments are forming, new associations. Father we say right now nations are realigning for their trade and Satan we say your inequity of trading is beginning to fall in the name of Jesus and we say a new trade route is forming.

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