Observe the Times but Get off the Clock

Voices: Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Robert Heidler
Date Given: May 6, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Justin showed me a text, he sent me this morning, which I didn’t see it when I was coming here. And he said he woke up this morning, and he heard two words, Moravian falls. He said, “I don’t even know what that is, “I just heard it.” So I’ve asked Robert, to just come up, and talk about the Moravians for us. And how they kept the flame going, and then I’ll loose a prophetic word at the end. Welcome Robert up here.

Robert Heidler – Back in the Old Testament, the way the Jews kept the presence of God in their midst, was to have continual fire on the altar. And so they decided they would keep the fire on the altar continually. And so they divided up the day into 24 watches, everybody took their watches. So where ever they were they knew at that time, that was their time to pray. But out of Herrnhut there was continual, 24 hour prayer. And it went on for over a hundred years.

LeAnn Squier – Chuck before we move forward, I just feel like I need to release this. The Lord is saying, “You need to observe the clock, “but you need to get off the clock.” “You need to observe the times, “but you need to get off the clock.” And what I was seeing was, like a watch that was winding down, because of weariness. And there’s something about being on the clock, and being subject to the clock, that actually causes you be worn out. And we know that the enemy’s strategy is to wear down the saints. And I felt like I just saw the Lord saying, “If you would step off the clock, “but observe it as an Issachar troop, “you’ll know the times and the seasons, “but you won’t be subject to them in the same way “that the earth is subject to them. “And as you step out of the clock “and step off the clock, “you’re going to step into an eternal realm, “that is ageless and changeless and timeless, “and it doesn’t wear down, “and it doesn’t get tired, “and it doesn’t get weary. “But you’re going to step into a place “as an observer from an internal realm, “and then you’re going to be able “to help your cities, and help your governments, “and help your people, and help your communities, “because of your perspective.”

And I will go even further to say, as Robert was talking. Okay, after a hundred years they should have gotten weary, right? But they did not get weary, and what I perceived as he was talking, first time I’ve ever seen this. It wasn’t their activity per say. It was their perception, and their acknowledgement. Continually, acknowledging, and perceiving, the eternal flame of who God is in the earth. And that gives a strength from age to age, to keep being in this realm, but to never wear down, and to never get tired. And so a hundred years later, they could have still be perceiving this eternal flame, and walking in the midst and in the power of the revelation of who He really is. And so father I ask, I don’t Chuck how to unpack that anymore, that, I feel like He’s saying, “Get off the clock, get out of the times. “But observe them and speak to them, “and then you’ll speak to nations, “and governments in a whole different level. “Because you won’t be on “and subject to the same things, “and the same difficulties “that they are going through. “You’ll speak into it from another place.”

Chuck Pierce – I think that was what Daniel did, remember? It says there in the word of God, that the other group, that was jealous of him, came together and plotted and created a law, that if you sought any God, other than the king, you would be thrown in jail. And the word of God says, once the decree was made, he went and he knelt down, and he opened his window, and he prayed. In other words he stepped back, he said, “I’m gonna observe the time that God has, “I’m gonna step into what God has, “and then it will reset the course of what’s going on in the earth.” Father we decree right now that we’re stepping back away from the clock, so we can see Alpha and Omega. Lord that’s what You’re saying today. That we can see the Ancient of Days, that we can move in Your times, in Your seasons, that we can observe them.

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, “you’ll find yourself up on a mountain. “And you’ll able to speak something “that can be carried through the wind, “and heard in ways that it couldn’t have been “spoken in other seasons. “I say to you step out of the clock, “into My timing, and you’ll find yourself standing, “and catching the wind for your future.”

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