Open Up Your Gates to the Voice of Resurrection

Voices: Venner Alston
Date Given: September 14, 2023

Venner Alston – For it is the sound of the nations that are declaring even in the spirit realm. Open up the gates before him for it is this sound that welcomes a new measure of the presence and the power of the Lord into their region. And I hear the Lord saying, do not say I’ve been here too long. Do not say he cannot possibly resurrect my nation. Do not say he cannot possibly resurrect my family. He said, I came in the form of a man. And I came out of the grave as a resurrected one. They said Lazareth had been in the grave four days and by now he stinks. But by the sound of my voice, I spoke and Lazareth came forth. And even now I speak over your city and I speak over your nation. I speak over your region, I speak over your family, and I call forth everything that you thought had died that could not be resurrected. I’m calling it forth even now, says the spirit of the Lord. So declare unto me, open up the gates, crown me and watch me come in.

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