Open Your Eyes to the Resurgence of My Spirit

Voices: Venner Alston
Date Given: January 28, 2024

Venner Alston – Scales from your eyes and what you have not been able to see in the last season, you’ll see it this season. You have not been able to see your path to wholeness and you’ve not been able to see your path to breakthrough. But I say that I am the Lord and I say to the scales upon your eyes, to fall off now and see. Look beyond your last circumstance. And I hear the Lord saying, “Watch now, between now and Passover, you’ll see a resurgence of things in areas that we thought had died.” The Lord said, “There will be a powerful move of my spirit in various regions and even in remote places. Let your eyes be open now to see what I am doing for this is a season of great revelation. I cause you to see and I will give you my strategies to move into what I purpose for you,” says the spirit of God.

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