Parts of the Body Are Coming Alive to Speak

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Mistie Lohse – I keep hearing way before Justin started singing the victory song, I kept hearing. I actually thought I heard Chuck say, our armor today is not gonna look like it did in the past and we are pealing this new layer of us on. And I just kept thinking of us wearing these masks. Your face is covered and you see these people and you’re looking at them looking from them, but they can’t see your mouth, you’re capping your mouth. They can’t see the words that are coming.

And some people can only read lips, right? So they can only see your eyes, but your eyes can say a whole lot, right? Your eyes can see, people can see joy in your eyes, okay? So you’re moving and you’re moving and you’re walking through the grocery store or somewhere with your kids, but the people can see that joy. So but you can bring that out and you can push that people, but guess what? That doesn’t shut us up, okay? So you can pull that off or you can speak into someone and you can say, the word of God is in me and I will not shut up. Those tongues of fire are here, okay? So I will keep pushing and I will keep moving. I’m not gonna stand still and be in my house. I’m gonna come out and I’m going to be there with you and help you push you through.

Chuck Pierce – The Lord says there’s parts of the body that’s going to speak, that have never spoken before, I say to the body. I’m gonna bring the parts alive that have never spoken and you’re gonna speak.

Chad Foxworth – Wow, wow, I keep hearing God say that, we are citizens of a kingdom of fire. We are fire beings and He has put us here to command where the fire goes. So you speak to wherever you want the fire to go and I’ll send it God says to burn what needs to be burned. We are fire beings and God is saying that our citizenship is from a kingdom of fire.

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