Pick Up Your Mat and Walk

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: March 19, 2023

Keith Pierce – Yesterday I was with Chuck and I heard this old song that we used to sing. Justin and LeAnn both used to sing it. It was a healing song about picking up your mat and walking. And the Lord spoke to me that many were going to be here today. That was in excruciating pain. And unless their faith could activate, the pain would override them. Now, and the Lord even showed me there was someone that He was bringing, literally a state away, so a state away from us. And He had brought them here today to heal them. And if that’s you, I want you to raise your hand. Yeah. Come on up here.

Chuck Pierce – Now this is really key. Cause when Keith said that yesterday that, God’s saying you’re gonna have to pick up your mat and walk. That’s when the Lord said, I’ve got so many that don’t want to pick up their mat. They want to walk, but they gone have to pick up that thing that they have been hanging onto and take it to the place where I tell them to drop it. Now, father, I say right now there is a healing anointing in this place. Yeah

Keith Pierce – Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chuck Pierce – Now I’m gonna tell you, I have had six weeks of pure hell. And all I could say is, Lord, I trust You. I believe in You. And He said, then show Me your action. Now I’m gonna tell you right now that’s what He’s saying to us. You going have to reveal your faith. Say it out loud. I gotta reveal that my faith this hour.

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