Pipelines of Resource Are Being Extended

Voices: Keevy Phillips, Norma Urrabazo
Date Given: August 28, 2022

Norma Urrabazo – This morning I was reminded of a dream that I had just recently, and in my dream, I was walking up this mountain. And when I finally got to the top of the mountain, I was just standing there just kind of like waiting for a moment. And then I looked down and I saw just a field just full of wheat. And it was just the biggest field you could ever see, just this expanse of just this harvest just ready to be, you know, taken up, this abundance. And in that moment, just very quickly, I had this thought like, “Oh, my gosh. Like, what am I going to do? How am I going to do this?” And I saw the Lord at the bottom of the mountain and He was coming up the mountain, but He was in a tractor, and He was like, the tractor was just like moving. You know how the tractors harvest and the tractor was just moving. And He had like this laugh and just this smile on His face. And He just had like this pure delight upon Him. And as I looked upon His face, I realized that everything and anything that I could ever need or want is already right there. Just like what we’re declaring right now in worship.

And so, you know, as I came in today, that’s the word that the Lord gave me. And He basically said, “There is a pipeline that’s been extended from one side to the other, from the North, South, East and West. There is a pipeline, not only of this abundance, not only of the, you know, the material things and the abundance that we sometimes think we need, but there’s an abundance of revelation. There’s a new anointing that’s coming upon My people. There’s a fresh grain that’s being released.” And we are all like the grain, and God is calling us to really, to step into this place where we believe Him. Where we can see the fullness. Where we accept everything that He has for us. So right now, I just want you to take a moment and say, “Yes, God, let me enter into the fullness, the abundance, and even greater. Remove anything that is stopping my supply line, God. And you come in, you come in Lord and bring in, bring in the harvest today.”

Keevy Phillips – Father, we say to our supply lines, “Unlock in Jesus name.” Father, give us a new vision to see the pipelines that you’ve already have in the field, in Jesus name. Father, we declare our pipelines and our supply lines are coming forth in Jesus name. Shout, “Come forth!” Come forth! Come forth in Jesus name.

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