Poverty and Bitterness Are Being Removed

Voices: Chuck Pierce, John Dickson, Keith Pierce, Michelle Hadley, Norma Urrabazo, Pasqual Urrabazo
Date Given: April 16, 2023

Chuck Pierce – Robyn Vincent, where are you? Come stand right up here. She, she is headed to Center, Texas to minister. Now Robyn, that was the biggest rival thing we had. Fought for years and years between Carthage and Center. We say you going back to reconcile some things in Center.

Keith Pierce- Chuck is saying you’re going back to reconcile I’m saying you’re going back to stir it up, because there’s things in those, that little triangle of Carthage, Center, and Shreveport. There are treasures that have been hidden that have been captured, that have been overlooked that God is going to stir it in such a way that it can be reconciled. He’s gonna stir it so it can be restored. He’s gonna stir it so it can be refreshed. He’s gonna stir it so it can be renewed. He said he is anointing a stirring deep down inside of you to awaken East Texas and bring it across the line in Louisiana. Today is the day to stir to restore and stir to refresh.

Amber Pierce – I just saw this, but when you go in there, and I decree this, I decree that when you go in there, that you are going to break up the poverty, the bitterness that’s come with poverty.

Chuck Pierce – That is a word from God, right now in the name of Jesus. Bitterness linked with poverty, we say it is going to break in Jesus’ name. That’s a word from God for all of us.

Michelle Hadley – And Robyn, I also heard when I, when they said that to you when Keith was talking, I heard, and this is crazy, y’all I heard “you’re going in like a wrecking ball”, “You’re going in like a wrecking ball, you’re gonna tear down and you’re gonna build up. You’re gonna tear down and you’re gonna build up. Tear down! And build up. You’re going in like a wrecking ball”.

Chuck Pierce- Wait a minute, now all of you going to Arkansas step out there. Dutch and Clay are having a thing in Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas. You going to sing it over them too. I decree, this thing going east is breaking up in Jesus’ name.

Michelle Hadley – You’re going in like a wrecking ball. You’re going in like a wrecking ball!

Chuck Pierce – We are sending y’all east! Michelle Hadley – And everything that’s been hidden it’s gonna be exposed. ‘Cause even the foundations are gonna be broken up. You’re gonna break it up and you’re gonna build it up. You’re gonna break it up. You’re gonna build it up.

Chuck Pierce – And Amber, lift your hands. I just hear the Lord saying it. They’ll go east, we’ll go west. And the Lord says, I am going to rip open something over this land this week. Any bitterness in your bloodline linked with poverty and supply and you having lack, you decree right now it is coming off of you!

John Dickson – And the Lord says, it’s down deep in the ground. It’s down level after level after level in the ground. That’s why it’s been cut off on the top. But the roots stay there and they keep coming up. So the Lord says, look down through the ground, deep down in the earth, layer after layer after layer, until you come to the bottom of that root and then pull it up, in Jesus’ name.

Chuck Pierce – Kendrick, you and Shondell step out, you and Shondell step out. They’re speaking at a gathering for hearing impaired in this region. Lord, we decree right now that anointing, to open up the highway that needs to be opened up for the hearing impaired. I loose Isaiah 35 over you and I send you in. Tammy Goss. Tammy Goss, where are you? Tammy’s headed to Croatia. Point your hands. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. One of my favorite trips, I keep a painting, original painting in our home above our fireplace from Croatia. I decree right now, Croatia, the bitter root from war is gonna break up.

Norma Urrabazo – And I saw just even as those were being sent forth here I saw like a ripple effect happening not only in this nation, but in the nations wherever you’re going. So if you’re here or if you’re on the web, I saw the ripple effect just going from here on and on and on and on. So take that impartation that’s being released right here.

Pasqual Urrabazo – Yes, this is what I hear the Lord saying, Robyn, I really felt as you were starting to uproot, the Lord is saying the wind of the Lord, the wind of the spirit to blow the things even out of the atmosphere that are there. He has gone before you. It’s already started to blow. And when I had that vision about a root being uprooted, as we started to dig around it, and we started to pull this root out, it was a big root. It was really deep, but God has given you the tools, the sound, to uproot and deliver a people that’s been held captive for a while by the atmospheres of spiritual walls all around. And I say to you, saith the Lord, go my daughter. Go. Go. Release the sound! But not only the sound, you are breaking down a barrier of walls that has fell that has held back the movement of God. So move with it in Jesus’ name.

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