Praise Him in the Fire Because He Never Changes

Voices: John Dickson, LeAnn Squier, Linda Heidler
Date Given: May 22, 2022

LeAnn Squier – Y’all I just have to laugh this morning. When I see those words, walk me through the fire. I’m telling you, we have walked, all of us, we have walked through some really hairy fires in the last couple of years. And I mean, look around you. We have made it. We have made it through. We are still standing. We are still praising. We are still walking. We are still reaching for all that God has called us to. So Lord, we thank you for that. And I have seen Him shut the mouths of lions this year, y’all And it just has been unbelievable, to see Him step in the midst. And shut down some things that needed to be shut down. To close the mouth of some things that needed to be closed. And you know, He is our advocate. He is our advocate. He is our advocate. He is our advocate. He is speaking on your behalf. He is speaking on your behalf. So Lord, we thank you Lord. And we find joy in the war. We find joy in the fire. We find joy in the lion’s den this year Father. We thank you. You have walked us through. And Father, we say we’re kind of enjoying this journey. It’s kind different, but we’re kind of enjoying it. And thank you, Father. Just thank you for what you’re doing What you’ve done so far. Yes, God. Give Him a shout, give Him some praise. He is worthy. He is worthy. He’s been good to you. He’s been good to you. He’s been good to you. He’s been good to me.

Linda Heidler – When LeAnn said we’ve made it through the fire Some of us are not quite through yet. And so I just, I just feel for some people that you may have just stepped into the fire. It may be an individual fire, that you’ve just stepped into. And what the Lord said was, My word was, don’t let the fire on My altar ever go out. So for some of us, it’s our turn. It’s our turn to be that sacrifice of praise on the altar. But whether we are out of the fire or whether we are still in the fire, our praise and our sound of praise doesn’t change. I can praise as loudly today, as I did last week. Having stepped over into an uncomfortable place this week, my praise is the same because my praise is not because I feel good. My praise is not because things are going good. My praise is cause He is the same. He has not changed from last week to this week. He has not changed. So whether you are in the fire, whether you are rejoicing that you’re out of the fire, we can corporately offer Him that same praise.

John Dickson – When David was running from Saul, and he ran to Gath, and then they figured out, the guy with Goliath’s sword must be David. And so then he was trying to get out of that situation and it was a very tight situation. And so you go over into the Psalms, and you read the Psalm that says, this is the Psalm that David wrote when he was at Gath and fraying madness before the king. And there’s nothing in there saying, oh God, everything’s bad. Help me here. It’s like, You are my God. You are my strength. There’s nothing like You, God. I praise You in the morning. I praise You in the evening. I praise You all day long.

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