Preach With a Heavenly Language

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Chad Foxworth – The Bible says that there’s a heavenly tongue that the people started to speak. And Keevy he started with a heavenly tongue tonight. So I feel like God is trying to say to us, that listen I’m trying to bring my people to a new authority here. I am trying to tell you that listen you are not of this realm, you are of a heavenly realm. You have to start knowing my language that’s the thing about Daniel. Daniel knew the language of heaven. Lord, He’s trying to teach us what what His language is. His understanding, Lord bring us to another level. Lord bring us to another level.

Chuck Pierce – In that tongue, there was this word, “They’re sobbing, sobbing sobbing, but I’m saying, preach, preach, preach. I’m saying let the heavens open up, and instead of sobbing going on in the earth, in my people. Allow the rain of my heaven, to wash away what needs to be washed away.”

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