Push Into the Glory of Your Refinement

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, LeAnn Squier, Michelle Hadley, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: September 11, 2022

Susan Shaulis – Well, the dream I had, Chuck and I went grocery shopping together, and we were talking about the Word and revelation. It was just great fun. Now this grocery store that we went into was like an Ikea, and it was all on one level, but it was upscale, and it was very, very unique and refined. And so we went in and as we did, there were counters everywhere, and the employees that were at these counters were dressed so skillfully and refined and they weren’t like what you normally would encounter when you would go to the grocery store. And so Chuck got a cart, and when he pulled it up to me, I looked and there were these old groceries in it. And what was key is there was a glass that had had wine in it and it was empty. And so instinctively, you would think we would take that cart back, but over to the left, there was a counter and a woman who was there, and she was very refined, and you could just tell that there was something different about her. So we took it over there and she started, proceeded to take everything out of this cart that was old. And you could tell it had been from a celebration. But as she was taking it out, both Chuck and I were assessing and looking at what she was taking out. And so, as we, that finished, all of a sudden that cart took on a completely different look. There was luster on that cart. And as we began to go and start our shopping, the first place that we were to stop was this counter. And I have seen it before, through the years in dreams, and it was beautiful. And again, the employees that stood there, you could tell that every counter had such marvelous food items and drink items from all over the world. And as we went up to this one counter, it was wine. And those wines were only defined by 100%. That’s how defined and wonderful they were. And so after that, then we just went on to shop.

Chuck Pierce – Now, when God brings revelation like that, He wants to release something to us, in this setting and all of you watching on the web, that will help us grab hold of what we have for days ahead. So I’m gonna begin. And I want us to receive what He’s saying. I say to you, “I’m bringing you new receptacles. I’m bringing you new places to carry what I have in days ahead. I will use some things that have been used, but I will also cause those things to become new as you push them into the new,” sayeth the Lord. “I will remove even celebration that you have operated in the past so I can bring you to a new level of celebration in the future. I will also send those to serve you in a way you’ve never been served before. So I say, look at your serving, for you may become a server,” sayeth the Lord. “And in that you will begin to refine many people’s futures. I say to you, there is a new revelation coming to you, a new pouring out that will be coming to you, and if you’ll taste and see that which is good, and not long for what you have drank in the past, you will see a transformation in your body,” sayeth the Lord. “For the tasting and seeing of that which I have for you as you progress forward is going to rejuvenate cells that have never been rejuvenated. I say go into and come into the places that I’m calling you, for it will surprise you how you will prosper and be served in those places. It will surprise you how your cart, and your supply, and that which you allow to be your storage center will be even changed. Don’t be afraid to push into the future, for if you will, you will find yourself celebrating in a way that will cause goodness and mercy to follow you.”

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord says, “I’m sending you to the poor in spirit, for many look refined, and many look well off, but I’m sending you into places with loads of wealth, but they are poor in spirit,” says the Lord. The Lord says, “As you go into these places where these people are poor in spirit, I am asking you to open that bottle of wine that is 100% of My spirit and serve those and pour out My spirit among them. Be not afraid of so-called elite because they are poor in spirit, and I desire to revive them, just like I desire to revive everybody else. Be not afraid of the 1% this hour, for with 1%, I can change the whole lump,” says the Lord. The Lord says, “Go to the ones I send you to, the poor in spirit. Look past the facade and see into their spirit and pour out the new wine that I have for them,” says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – Wow.

Michelle Hadley – I hear the Lord’s saying in that also, He’s saying, “I’m gonna give you a new spirit of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, so when you talk to that 1%, it’s gonna begin to shift some things, some thinking, and some ways that they were operating, and even unlock mysteries for them so they can move forward in days ahead.”

LeAnn Squier – And the Lord says “Because you have submitted to the true refinements, because you’ve truly been refined, and because you have given 100%,” the Lord says, “You’re equipped, you’re clothed, you’re garmented, you’re ready to walk into those places.” The Lord said, “This is the real thing. This is the refinement of all refinements. This is the 100% of all 100%.” So the Lord says, “Don’t be afraid, but walk in that which is garmenting you now because of how you’ve walked and how you’ve submitted, even in the hardships of the last few years.” The Lord says, “I have brought you through and through and through the refiner’s fire again and again. You stand refined.”

Chuck Pierce – See, that cart that I chose had all sorts of receptacles from the past of what we’ve gone through. You know, sometimes we’ve had to drink things down to the dregs, and yet there was already, the Lord already had somebody there to bring all of that to a whole new level for you. See, we’re all at a certain place, but God’s working to bring it to a whole new dimension in your life. Many of you have been through hard, hard, difficult things. And yet that’s part of the glory that you’re going to walk in in days ahead.

Brian Kooiman – Chuck got a text from someone, from one of our web casters, Andrea, and she said, “In Susan’s shopping cart dream, I heard that the old traditional skills from the past are being pushed forward and will be refined for a modern way. It will be 100 fold increase and return.”

Susan Shaulis – That’s amazing because I was standing over there and what I heard the Lord say is that shopping in poverty is over. That is not God. And many of us go to Him, or even if we go to the natural grocery store, and we have a poverty mindset, and the Lord says, “I’m completely delivering My people out of a mindset that does not agree with a generous, multiplying, and fruitful God.”

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