Put on Your Armor and Realign With Me

Voices: Lauren Awbrey
Date Given: January 10, 2021

Lauren Awbrey – And I hear the Lord keep sayin’ this. He’s sayin’ that He wants to remind you that you put on the armor of the Lord, and everything that’s been comin’ this way, I just keep seein’ this. So, it says, “Imagine your armor, and what that looks like to you. Now, you start putting on your boots of peace. And while you slip those on, your angel that God has assigned to you stands behind you and tightens your boots securely to your feet and legs. Now pick up your breastplate of righteousness, and slide that over your head. And once it’s sitting on your shoulders, your angel tightens the straps onto your shoulders, and moves to tighten it around your waist. Pick up your sword and slide it into your sheath. And as that sword slides through, it lights up, and the Word of God is written on the sword. And the power of God, His living Word.

Next, pick up your helmet of peace, and put it on your head. And once the helmet is there, and it touches your head, the angel steps into you, into you. Not behind you, he is in you. He steps into you and solidifies his armor to yours. Pick up the shield of faith.” And so Lord, we do that. We align with You. We put on the helmet of salvation. We put on our armor, Father, and we affix it. And then we turn to You and we wait, and we listen, and we set our ears to You. We set a plumb line in our bodies, and in our minds and in our spirits, to set it to You, where nothing else is going to even get close to touching that. So I hear the Lord saying that over a lot of you, is like, “Don’t start worrying and getting your emotions all stirred up.” But realign and put on the armor, and submit it to Him.

And then Saturday, all I could keep singing was, ♪ Turn your eyes upon Jesus ♪ ♪ Look full in His wonderful face ♪ ♪ And all things on Earth ♪ ♪ Will grow strangely dim ♪ ♪ In the light of His glory and grace ♪

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