Put Your Praise on the Frontline

Voices: Keevy Phillips
Date Given: March 26, 2023

Keevy Phillips – For even the threefold chord that has come up against you just like in Chronicles 20 and they come against you to attack. “I say send the army. I say send the praise. I say, send the praise before the army this week,” says the spirit of the Lord. The Lord says, “I am changing the order and I’m saying send the praise, send the cry, send the sound before for the sound of deliverance will proceed deliverance this hour,” says the spirit of the Lord. “I say, praise Me. I say, praise Me for I am good and My mercies do endure forever. I say, put the choir on the front line. Put your praise on the front line. For I am a God of war, and I do all things well. I say this hour, I say this very hour, praise Me, praise Me,” says the spirit of the Lord. “I have deliverance right in front of you,” says the spirit of the Lord.

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