Receive the Love of the Father

Voices: Peni Patu
Date Given: September 24, 2023

Peni Patu – I saw a picture of the prodigal son and I felt the Lord say that some of you are here, that you don’t feel the presence of the Father because of what you’ve gone through. And that picture, the Lord gave me of the prodigal son, that no matter how stinky he was, he was in the midst of the pigs, but when he returned home, it doesn’t matter how stinky he was, the father ran and hug him. And I just felt like some of you needs to feel the love of the Father today. Some of you, you know, the communion that we take, his body was broken so that our body can be fixed. His blood was dripping so that wash away our confusions and our difficulties, and I just felt so heavy that some of you are here that needs to know the depth of the love of the Father for you. You’re not here by mistake. You are here because God sees you and he was ready to run to give you a hug, no matter what you go through, whatever you went through, whatever you brought in here, it doesn’t matter. No matter how stinky our sins is, the Father is ready to run and hug you and give you the coat of righteousness. So I just wanna release that over you today that God wants to share the depth of his love with you and he wants to hug you and he wants you to feel his heartbeat of love for you today.

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