Receive Your New Sound of Faith

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Isaac Pierce, Justin Rana
Date Given: February 25, 2024

Chuck Pierce – The other day we walked through, there’s a hallway upstairs that we walked through, and there’s a room back above that portion of the tabernacle back there. And I walked in there and it needed quite a bit of work. And so I went down and I shared that, and immediately, the staff got on it. And so the next two weeks after that, I walked through again to see the progress. And when I say work, it had both spiritual forces, as well as just some things that need fixing. And so, last week after we had a service, we walked through there, and I still felt something, and the place was immaculate, it was in order, but I still felt something, and so we walked through every little place again. And I think Justin said, “There’s a hidden closet here, you can go through it.” And I said, “Okay, that’s okay.” You know, I’ve been in some wild places in my life, you know. So when we were walking through, something really illuminated to me, and it was a stack of broken cymbals. Now, let Isaac tell us, why do cymbals break?

Isaac Pierce – Cymbals break because you have a really heavy hand and beat ’em like the demons that they are. No, cymbals break for multiple different reasons. Maybe they weren’t manufactured correctly, maybe you’re just heavy handed, wear and tear. But the funny thing about cymbals is that you have to make sure you pick out the right cymbal to be a part of the kit that you’re playing, ’cause otherwise, it’s not gonna sound right, it’s gonna be out of place, and that’s kinda like everything that goes on within us. If there’s something out of place, we’re just gonna wind up sounding like a noisy gong.

Chuck Pierce – And so Justin, how do you replace a cymbal?

Justin Rana – With money. No, you-

– [Chuck Pierce] It’s usually my job.

Justin Rana – No, you, well, first, I mean, y’all can’t see all these, but there’s so many different kinds of cymbals, and there’s different metals, there’s different ways of hammering them, and different holes that you can put in them to make different of sounds darker, sounds lighter, sounds higher, lower sounds. And so when you’re getting ready to replace a cymbal, you just have to evaluate, what type of sound are you trying to add to this kit?

– [Chuck Pierce] And so when one breaks, what happens, really?

Justin Rana – The sound that it was intended to make gets a little distorted.

Chuck Pierce – Okay.

Isaac Pierce – And it gets rattly.

Chuck Pierce – You got that. Now, when I picked this stack up, the Lord said, “I have so many in my body “that have words they’ve been given.” And some way or another, through circumstance and warfare, their words have gotten distorted or cracked. And what they heard at one time, they can’t hear the way I want to bring it forth right now to ’em. And so I wanna take these cymbals, I want you to put your hand on somebody and say, “He can fix the sound you need to hear.” He can cause your words that you’ve trusted in to be redeveloped. The word played a purpose at one time, but there comes a time where that’s really not quite part of the kit that’s producing your sound right now. Therefore, you have to go back and look at something in what you believed and adjust it so the sound of faith comes forth from you in a new way. Father, we lose a new sound, we lose a new movement, and we say we are willing to adjust what we heard so we can receive what we will hear, in Jesus’ name.

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