Rejoice and Celebrate Your Healing

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: November 12, 2023

Chuck Pierce – The Lord told me this morning to release two things over you. One, that your nerve endings would be healed. Now, if that’s you, lift your hand. See a lot of people their adrenaline system is stretched. Their nerve endings aren’t firing properly and you have a hard time, and the word of God says, strain every nerve to walk in unity, strain every nerve to love. And Father, I decree right now, nerve endings are being healed in people. Another thing is there comes times where you have to celebrate and you have to give what it takes to celebrate. It’s something the body of Christ, if there would be one thing I would be concerned about, it would be the body learning to celebrate. Because without it, we don’t display Christ. He even celebrated the cross. The joy of his obedience sustained him.

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