Releasing the Spirit of Guilt

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Negiel Bigpond
Date Given: April 16, 2022

– Negiel Bigpond – This is to the Thirteen Colonies and all the people. Could you turn please and look up this way. I’ve never done this before with the Thirteen Colony people, but it’s an honor. I wanna release any curse. Oh great One, oh mighty One, the One who overcomes all things in the great way, we come to You today with a great spirit of love that we’d always take that forward. Never look back at the past, but we break every curse over the lands right now. We break every curse that there is, every spirit of guilt that lies upon this nation, our government, states, cities, communities. We break that curse right now.

We command that guilt spirit, and some of you are holding guilt spirits today, you that are watching on the airwaves, I command that guilt spirit to leave your mind, body. In every way, your spirit will launch out to be strong in this day and time. From this day on that spirit is cursed, that spirit will leave. And you will be the leaders that God has called you to do that, that God has called you to lead, and do the things that you need to do. So in the name of Yeshua HaMasiach, we break every curse. Lift up your hands. Just let it go. Just let it go, everybody. Just let it go, let that curse go, that spirit of guilt go. It will not linger, it will not hold, it will not be. It will be moved out of the lands. The lands of the First People, of a nation. Just feel the release. Lift up your hands and feel the release. Let it leave. Some of you’ve been holding guilt for years, and years, and years, and years. You try to dance it away, you try to preach it away, you try to talk it away- Oh! but you keep holding it. Release, release, release! Come on, somebody say release!

[Crowd] Release!

Shout it out! Release! I release that spirit. And our First Nation people, you need to release it too. Don’t hold that

Chuck Pierce – If you have First Nation blood, right now you release it. You release. First of all, release forgiveness then release the guilt that you’re holding. Some of you right now, I felt it. In your kidneys, that fear is starting to let go of you. You have held fear by religion based upon guilt. I decree it’s letting go out of your kidneys. Our body will become purified.

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