Remember and See Me on Your Path

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: March 13, 2022

Chuck Pierce – I hear the Lord keep saying remember, remember And when we were meeting, it’s really, the song really says, I’m coming back to a place so I can go into my future and you have to understand. And then all of a sudden, we got an email from Israel on what the reading is this week. And it was the word remember. And the Lord is just saying to us I’m going to cause you to see Me on your path. I’m gonna cause you to see Me and how I have been on that path. So you can stay on the path ahead.

Lisa Lyons – You know, when we remember something, it’s not just a place in our brain that we’re accessing, remembrance is in the eternal realm because our memories are still alive in the part where there is no time. And the Lord says, I’m gonna take you all back to some places of remembrance, where there was pain or where there was wrong done to you, or where there was something that happened that has deformed or twisted some things in your life. And the Lord says, when I do that, you have the power to redefine those circumstances. You have the power, when you go to that memory, to say, you know what? That may have been to cause me to stumble. That may have been something the enemy brought to bring me down, but I’m decreeing it.

And I am re-identifying you right now. I am saying that you are a place of overcoming. I am saying that you are a place when you came into Me and thought it was gonna be to my defeat, that it is indeed my overcoming. It is the victory that the Lord wove into me. God says, you go back and you redefine, you rename everything that ever happened to you. Every hard place, every circumstance. It’s the same principle when He told Adam to name the animals, He wove into man the ability to bring identity, and to bring name into everything. So if we are gonna overcome, that’s something you’ve gotta know. And you do as you walk in memory this week and in the times to come, you rename and you re-identify those places of pain.

Barbara Wentroble – I’m writing a new book. And I just want to, feel like I need to share something that I have in that book that I’m writing because I wanna declare over you that the Lord has spoken. And He has said that before time ever began, God created you, God planned for your life. He planned for your destiny. And He spoke words into the heavenly realm before you ever existed in this earth. But you have forgotten those words that God spoke over you. But I say, I’m causing you to remember, I’m causing you to begin to remember what was said in the heavenlys before you were ever in this earthly realm. And I say, I have a plan and I have a destiny for your life.

And I say, this is a season that I am waking up that memory says the Lord. I’m waking up the memory of that time before time ever existed. And I say, you’re going to remember that that I have planned for you. You’re going to remember the destiny that was fore ordained for you. So I say, let Me waken your memory during this season. Let Me cause you to remember. So you can get back to the plan, the divine plan I had for your life before mankind ever planned for your life. I say, I am the Lord, your God. And I have not forgotten that that I spoke over you before you were ever formed in your mother’s womb. So I say, wake up and remember the words over you so you can fulfill My plan for your life.

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