Remember the Goodness of the Lord

Voices: Lydia Lyons
Date Given: June 8, 2024

Lydia Lyons – As we have been praying for tonight, something that the Lord has really been showing us is to take a moment and to really remember the Lord’s goodness and how He has gotten us to this place. And I’m very much Type A. And so when we talk about moving somewhere, I’m like, “Okay, gotta do this.” “What’s next, what’s on my plan?” And the Lord really said, “No, stop, stop and remember.” And that is where my faith has really grown. In Deuteronomy, He calls us to remember, but not only to remember, but to make sure our generations also remember. So, my parents have been at Glory of Zion since before I was born. So I have been taught, and I remember seeing the Lord move in dramatic ways. From Robert starting the Bible study, to moving to the red brick building, to moving to Liberty Christian, the Lord was faithful. To moving to University, to moving to Woodhill Square, to now in the tabernacle with the Lord, I remember, the Lord was faithful. And I am excited and expectant to hear my children say that they remember when the Lord came and met us in the miracle, in the miracle field, and that we saw a harvest that we could never expect. So that is my charge to you today as we gather and as we worship, that you will stop and you will remember what He has done, not only for us corporately, but for us individually. Let that make room for your faith to grow, for Him to really come and move in a whole new way.

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