Remove the Fear of Disappointment

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: October 30, 2022

Chuck Pierce – Now, one thing that I saw all week long as I would listen to people is how subtle the enemy is. And a lot of things I could discern this week was how subtly, and the Bible says that in Genesis 3 he is the most subtle. And how subtly, how subtle he is for us to come into agreement with it. And what I saw this week was how he was using people’s fear of being disappointed to subtly agree with him. And they were afraid that if they really had faith, God wouldn’t come through. So they were choosing to not have faith and make faith decrees but they were giving themself a way out for failure. I decree right now that subtle snake is breaking off of us. I decree right now we are not going to give our way out because of our fear give… Find a way out of moving in faith because we have a fear of being disappointed again. Put your hand on somebody, pray over them right now. Tell that deep root of fear of disappointment to leave.

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