Remove the Root of Night Terror

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: October 8, 2023

Amber Pierce – And God says to you this morning that “where you’ve been crying out for breakthrough,” he says that “I am coming on those fiery darts that came to you in the night when you were a child that caused you to have terror in the night.” God says, “I am breaking that which has tormented you in the present time. And your breakthrough, your breakthrough is a breakthrough that releases the fear off of you.”

LeAnn Squier – Okay, I’m telling you the Lord is saying “it’s time for us to go deep.” You know, we can do a lot of things on the surface but there’s stuff goes on under the ground within the world and in us. And right now, I feel like with this terror thing the Lord wants us to really stop and deal with this, y’all. So if you’ve ever had terror in the night, if you’ve ever had terror, woken up for unexplained reasons and been terrified by dreams, by specters, by you know, anything that you can see or not see, I want you just to raise your hand right now.

Chuck Pierce – Yes.

LeAnn Squier – I want you just to raise your hand right now. Because the Lord wants to begin to uproot some stuff that has been hiding y’all. We are not connected to a root of fear. We are connected to the blood of Jesus Christ. And there’s a reason he rose up from the grave. Because the grave is not to have authority and power over us in any way. So right now, Father, I just ask you to begin to expose within each one, any places that we are not deeply connected to you, deeply connected to you. Lord, any place that the enemy has put, it’s almost like he has threatened. He has threatened, and he has made threats that he cannot even come through on. He cannot even deliver on these threats. But he has made threats and has caused you to back down. And I wanna say, the Bible says “you are to be not in any way terrified by your enemy.” And that in itself is proof of his perdition. Proof of his defeat is that you are not terrified. So let’s take just a minute and connect with the Lord, connect with Holy Spirit, connect with the blood of Jesus.

Chuck Pierce – And Lord, we speak this very thing over South Israel right now. We say that terror of the night will not rule that land.

LeAnn Squier – I heard the Lord saying earlier, there’s a mother root of fear. It is a mother root, y’all. When you think about what that looks like in a vineyard that is the oldest embedded beginning and what he said, “there’s a mother root of fear and a father of lies.”

Chuck Pierce – And you want to go back right now to your mother, your natural mother, that bloodline and decree that fear that operated through your mother’s bloodline will be pulled out right now. That indecisiveness that operated through your mother’s bloodline will be pulled out right now. The voice will be removed. Then you want to go back to any lie that you believed on your father’s bloodline. And you want to ask the Lord to expose any lie that the enemy is using against you from your father’s bloodline.

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