Remove Yourself From the Seat of Condemnation

Voices: Keevy Phillips
Date Given: November 7, 2021

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord would say, “I am exposing the enemy in your house. That line that has been crossed, between condemnation and conviction in My house will be dealt with,” says the Lord. The Lord said, “You have traded the seat I have placed you in of convicting the world, and you had rather condemned it. And now the condemnation has spread like wildfire in My house.” But the Lord is using His spirit by fire, to help us get back on track, because the Lord loves us enough to chasten us, and He does not wanna condemn us, but rather convict to get us back on track. “Get back in the seat of being the light, and convicting rather than condemning people who don’t know Me,” says the Lord. “For there are even people within the body, who are less spiritually, they’re weaker than you are, and you have began to condemn them, but lead them to Me,” says the Lord, “For if I be lifted up, I’ll draw all men and their wayward ways back to Me. Get out of the seat of condemnation, be the light, and let the light convict,” says the Lord.

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