Resist Oppression for I Am Fighting on Your Behalf

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: June 13, 2021

Chuck Pierce – So, this is how the Lord said it to me yesterday afternoon when I was seeking Him. He said, “I am fighting on your behalf. I would say to you, the enemy is oppressing and trying to stop you from rebuilding and coming into your future. But I am fighting for you.” I say, if you will speak to your hand and everything it touches, you will say, “I will prosper this today.” By the time you get to your new land and the promise that you see, your hands will be prospering, so your promise will multiply greatly. I say to you, resist oppression, resist oppression, resist depression, resist accusation. I say, tell the enemy, “I am standing between you and what is trying to stop you, and he must come through Me to stop you from advancing.”

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