Resurrection Life Is Being Released

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: October 9, 2022

Barbara Wentroble – I had a dream this week, and in this dream I saw this little girl that looked like she was probably eight or nine years old, and she was sitting on this bench area. And all of a sudden, she falls backwards. And it was a long, long ways down, and I knew there was just concrete at the bottom. And the situation seemed so hopeless, seemed like nothing but death, nothing but devastation. And so I’m standing there thinking, “Oh, maybe we should have put some kind of safety net, something to catch her so she wouldn’t fall.” And so as I’m pondering all of this and feeling really bad that we hadn’t made some kind of provision for that, all of a sudden this little girl shows up again, and she sort of shaking her head. You could tell she was a little bit dazed from the fall.

But somehow I knew when we hadn’t made the right preparation, when it hadn’t seemed like the right circumstances, that there were like angels around her that caught her and that that seemed like destruction, it may have been a little shock and a little dazing to her. But the enemy couldn’t do what he planned to do. And I sense the church is at that place. And it’s like there’s an assignment to bring death and destruction and to stop God’s people. But He’s saying that, not so. He’s saying He has put His angelic army around us and God is bracing us for this new season that we’re moving into, and that that seemed like it was going to shut down what God had in our lives, personally or corporately as a people, God wants you to know there is resurrection power, resurrection power. And He’s going to cause us to lift up our head and know that our redeemer lives in this hour and there’s going to be new life that’s going to come forth. And the Lord is saying, it doesn’t matter if it’s your finances, if it’s your family, if it’s your relationship, if it’s the body of Christ, God is greater and He is bringing forth His new resurrection power in this hour. Shake off the trauma! Shake off that that has tried to captivate you! And rejoice for the Lord Himself, He is the Waymaker! And He will make a way where there seems to be no way. Resurrection life is being released!

Susan Shaulis – I have a testimony concerning this. About a month ago, I got a bad report, a physical bad report, and I had to walk that through. Sometimes we have to walk some things through, and it seemed to get worse and worse. And so my regular physician said, “I don’t know what it is. You’re gonna have to go to somebody else.” This past week was probably one of the hardest weeks I had to endure. And I felt like at every turn, I didn’t know where the Lord was at. But do you know what? There’s one thing I know about myself, I’ve got some faith. And the Lord spoke to me and said, “This’ll be a simple solution.” I had a war over that ’cause I really didn’t believe it. And then somebody else said to me, a trusted individual said, “This is gonna be an easy fix.” I went to the doctor and I sat there. He said, “There’s nothing here.” It had almost diminished into nothing. I’m saying there is a God who supersedes any report of the enemy. I stand and testify about the Waymaker, and the Miracle Worker, and the God of impossibilities.

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