Resurrection Power Is Bringing New Life

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: July 9, 2023

– Barbara Wentroble – I keep hearing the Spirit of the Lord say that “This is a time that the grave clothes are coming off my people. Where the enemy thought that he could kill your dream, where the enemy thought he could kill your finances, where the enemy thought he could put out the future, and the destiny I have for you. I say the wind of my Spirit is blowing and that fire that used to burn so brightly”, God said “The wind is blowing upon that fire once again.” I say, “The grave clothes are coming off and resurrection power is coming to my people. I’m about to resurrect dreams. I’m about to resurrect finances. I’m about to resurrect destiny. I say let the wind of my Spirit blow upon you. I say those grave clothes cannot hold back the future that I have for you, for I say, you are stepping into a new place, a new season, and I say, I am fighting all back as the enemy tries to kill, I say this is resurrection power. Let the wind of God blow upon you. Grave clothes lose their power, resurrection is bringing new life again.”

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