Ride the Waves of the Spirit

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Raven Vincent
Date Given: October 29, 2023

Chuck Pierce – James, you hit a note right then. And all of a sudden, the Lord spoke to my, I don’t know how to explain this, but instruments prophesied. The Lord spoke to my calves down through my feet. And he said, “Even though things will be wavy this week “and even though things will seem “like you are on a incline going up,” the Lord says, “Catch my waves of my spirit this week. “Don’t allow yourself to be thrown to and fro. “I say to you, stay steady with me. “Ride every wave that I bring into you. “Ride it and allow me to show you how to come to the shore “that I’m calling you to. “I say to those in the midst of the war of Israel,” I say, “Ride the waves of my spirit in that war. “Ride the waves of my spirit of grace. “For I will grace your feet wherever you walk this week,” said the Lord. And the Lord said, “Do not allow that which looks like a encompassing knockout “in your life to knock you down. “I say, “Jump on the crest of the wave “and you will endure and triumph,” said the Lord. Raven Vincent – I keep hearing the Lord say, “Don’t break connection this week.” Do not break eye contact with him. Do not break connection with his presence this week. Stay connected, stay looking into his face. That is where the glory, where the peace, where the joy, where the grace to stand will be. Stay connected, stay looking into his face, and keep connected with his glory.

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