Ride the Waves of Tremendous Change

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Penny Jackson
Date Given: June 4, 2023

Penny Jackson – I was talking to the Lord this morning and I’m gonna read it ’cause I’m a little bit tired today. “What a year I have planned for you. What a ride it will be. We have only just begun and already you see all the changes in you.” And then he had me singing the song, “We’ve Only Just Begun”. I just kept hearing particularly the line that says “we’ll start out walking and learn to run.” And I think we feel like we’re running now but this is the last thing He said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Chuck Pierce – Look at somebody, tell ’em “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Now, this week the Lord spoke to me and He said “the changes ahead are gonna be so tremendous that you just need to ride the wave of them.”

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