Rise up From Your Shallow Graves

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons, Stella Timmons
Date Given: November 8, 2020

Lisa Lyons – And the Lord says, Don’t just think that that grave means six feet under. There are all kinds of graves, there are graves in your thinking, there are graves in your emotions, there are graves in your desires. The Lord says you determine today. Ask Me what those graves are. Ask Me where you have been buried and come up, for today and every day is a day of resurrection.

Chuck Pierce – And I say I know those that went before you in your bloodline. I know what went into the ground with them. And I know what tried to be resurrected in you. Decree right now, ain’t no grave gonna hold me down.

Stella Timmons – When they began to talk about a grave, what I heard the Lord say that there are shallow graves and a shallow grave comes from disappointment. It comes from not knowing which way to go or what to do. It comes from depression. But the Lord said today, I’m taking care of their shallow graves because a shallow grave is still a grave, but the Lord said you can get up and you can get out of that shallow grave. Just take a step and come out of it because that’s not where you’re supposed to be. In this day or in this hour, no more shallow graves.

Chuck Pierce – And I say, if you had not gone down in the layers from where you came from, if you had not entered that grave, you would have never known the shifting dirt that you were standing in. I say, now as you rise up, a firm foundation will be planted under your feet.

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